What's inside?

We help marketing teams realize how they can avoid internal timesucks and how to approach collaboration and communication issues head-on to work together more productively. 

The advice outlined in this book comes not only from our experience developing Gain but also from our experience leading our own digital agencies. You’ll learn:

  • How to stop losing time with email
  • How to automate certain processes
  • How to handle workplace stress
  • How to improve day-to-day communication with your team
  • How to lead your team like a pro and much more…

Learn to automate your team’s workflow and get more done!

The Gain team is sharing insights from our years of experience working alongside agencies to increase efficiency and bring intelligent automation to marketing teams.

In this book, you’ll learn where your team might be wasting the most time, how automation can eliminate inefficiencies in your workflow, and how to lead an effective, happy, and productive marketing team!

Don't take our word for it

So many teams like ours are busy, yet not nearly as productive as we could be. This book provides a great overview of what causes distractions and interruptions at work, and how teams can combat them.

Agustin Esperon

As the leader of a successful small business, my #1 priority is fostering a strong and healthy team. I love the many tips in this e-book laying the groundwork for nurturing and training your employees, as well as the ideas on how to save time and reduce hours spent on miscommunication and the black hole called email.

Kelly Borgen

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